24VDC to 24VAC 40 Watt Pure Sine Wave DC/AC Irrigation Inverter

This is a Great 24 Volt DC input to 24 Volt AC out put 40 watt true sine wave power inverter for solar powered Irrigation applications. Run 24VAC cameras from a 24 Volt DC solar panel setup.


PST-INV2424Function: DC/AC Inverter with 24VAC output
Output power40VA continuous (40 Watts) (24VAC 1.6Amps nominal)
50VA for 1 minute at 50% duty factor( 1 minute above 40VAC, one minute below 40VA
 Important note: Unlike AC/AC transformers this inverter is actively voltage regulated, so it can be used for any application less than or equal to 40VA.
Output Current1.6 Amps continuous, 2 amps peak
Input voltageDC 22VDC to 29VDC startup, 
20VDC to 30VDC operating.
Output voltageAC 24VAC
Output voltage regulation± 10%
Output wave formPure sine wave
Output frequency60Hz ± 1% (50Hz available, ask)
Standby current0.2A, 200 mA typical
Efficiency90% max.
CoolingConvection cooling, no fan
ProtectionsOutput short 
Polarity reverse
Under voltage input
Under voltage protectionUnit will shut itself down when the input voltage is less than 20VDC ±5%. It will restart when the voltage is above 22VDC
DC InputScrew terminals
AC outputScrew Terminals
IsolationDC input is galvanically isolated from the AC output, greater than 100V hipot
Dimensions132 X 75 X 38 mm , 3.2 x 3 x 1.5 inches
Weight277 gms., 10oz, 0.6 lbs
More optionsPlease ask if you need different input voltages, output voltage, output power, surge protection, connectorization, or form factor.


OEM Battery Chargers Great for Irrigation Systems , Inexpensive DC/AC power inverter light weight and small size will convert 24vdc to 24vac.

OEM Battery Chargers Makes 24 VAC equipment usable in 24 VDC installations. DC to AC inverter can work with solar or battery back-up systems.

OEM Power Supplies Useful for solar powered security systems. Also useful for irrigation system controllers.

OEM Power Supplies The 24VAC voltage output is regulated, so it is independent of power drawn. Transformers are not voltage regulated, which makes this inverter a better power source than AC mains.

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