Kussmaul DC Energy Display, DCE

  • Displays 12 or 24 volts
  • Displays up to 500 amps
  • Displays energy used and remaining for up to 3,000 amp-hour capacity
  • Monitor voltage on up to three separate banks of batteries
  • Monitors Charge / Discharge Amperage
  • Monitors Total Energy: Amp-Hours or Percent of Charge
  • Alarms: High / low voltage and low amp-Hours remaining
  • 3 year warranty

The DCE provides accurate low-cost instrumentation for 3 banks of batteries between 9.5 and 33 volts. The unit displays voltage for three banks and amps or amp-hours for the house bank. It tracks all current entering and leaving the house bank and applies Peukert’s and efficiency factors. Low and High voltage alarms and Low Amo-Hours Remaining alarms can be set on the house bank. When activated, the built-in 85 dB alarm will sound and the display will flash. The DCE outputs NMEA 0183 serial data or the data line can be programmed as an external alarm output or as a charger on-off control. The DCE comes complete with a precision 500 amp shunt and is designed to work with 50-500 amp 50 mV shunts. Power Supply: 9.5 to 33.0 VDC, .018 amps nominal
Operating Temperature: 32 to 122 F (0 to 50 C)
Accuracy: Better than +/- 0.1 VDC for Volts and 1% +/- 1 Amp for Amps
Volts Range: 9.5 to 33.0 VDC 
Amps Range: -500 to +500 Amps (Applies to Bank 1 Only)
Amp-Hours Range: 100to 3000 A/H (Applies to Bank 1 Only)
Capacity Remaining Range: -0 to +100% (Applies to Bank 1 Only) 
Shunt: 500 Amp, 50 mV
Alarms: High, Low Voltage & Low Amp-Hours
Weight: .25 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout MPN: 023-4346-0 SKU: 023-4346-0

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