Kussmaul Load Manager 1H: 12 Volt

The LOAD MANAGER 1H is a small economical assembly that monitors a D.C. voltage, and operates a relay when the voltage drops below its set point. This unit is unique in that a special high hysteresis feature maintains the relay in the energized condition, even if the voltage rises again. This prevents the load that has been shed, from being reenergized, until the sensed voltage rises more than 1.4 volts above the set point. Voltage set point and hysteresis are field adjustable. LED indicators are provided adjacent to the terminal strip, to indicate whether the system voltage is normal, or that the voltage has dropped below the set point. Installation instructions that are provided with each unit, contain a procedure for readjusting the under voltage set point.

Input: 12 Vdc
Set Point: 11.5 Volts
Adjustable Range: 10.5 to 13 Volts
Hysteresis: 1.4 Volts 
Relay Contacts: 30 Amps 
Indicators: Green – Normal
                     Red – Under Voltage
Weight: .25 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout SKU: 091-96-12

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