Kussmaul Low Voltage Alarm

The Low Voltage Alarm detects when the battery voltage drops below a threshold, and remains low for 120 seconds. At that time, a relay is operated, which may be connected to the low voltage indicator and alarm. Available for either 12, or 24 volt electrical systems. The unit contains LED indicators to aid in installation and test. A green indicator is illuminated whenever the voltage is normal. When the voltage drops below the setpoint, and remains low for 120 seconds, the green LED is extinguished, and the red LED is illuminated. The setpoint, and time delay, meet the requirements of NFPA 1901, paragraph 9-3.3.
Easily installed, the Low Voltage Alarm requires only two wires to sense the battery voltage. The 30 ampere contacts on the relay provide ample capacity to operate the low voltage alarm and indicator. Availability of a normally closed contact, in addition to the normally open contact, permits a wide variety of connections in the load circuit.

Input: 12 Vdc
Set Point: 11.8 Volts
“ON” Delay: 120 Seconds
Relay Contacts: 30 Amps 
Weight: .25 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years 

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