Kussmaul Pump Plus 1200 Charger Only

  • 40A, single battery output
  • Automatic operation regulates output to a single battery bank
  • A patented built-in sense circuit checks battery voltage 120 times per second to compensate for voltage drop in charging wires providing quick re-charge, with no overcharge
  • Choice of Remote Display: Bar Graph, Status Center, or Status Center in a watertight case
  • Air Compressor power mode selector switch
    – DC Powered full time from vehicle battery
    – AC Powered only when from battery when 
    vehicle plugged into shore power 
  • 3-year warranty on Charger

Input: 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 10 Amps Max
Input Fuse: 15 Amps, Fast Acting
Output: 12 Vdc, 40 Amps
Output Fuse (Recommended): 80 Amp Waterproof Circuit Breaker
Voltage Sense: Remote, Electronic, No Sense Wires Required
Power Indicator: Indicates Input Power Applied 
Remote Display: 3 Options: Bar Graph, Status Center, or Status Center in Watertight Case
Weight: 17 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

The Pump Plus 1200 is a small air compressor and a completely automatic battery charger. The compressor is a standard Auto Pump. The automatic charger maintains 1 bank of batteries with a maximum output current of 40 amps.
The Pump Plus 1200 charger senses the batteries in the vehicle and recharges exactly as much as required. When the batteries are fully charged, all charging stops. The state of charge of the batteries is indicated on a remotely located bar graph display whenever power is applied to the vehicle.
A Selector Switch is provided on the charger to operate the compressor either in D.C. mode or in A.C. mode. In either switch position, the compressor operates from the vehicle’s battery. When “D.C.” is selected, the compressor operates whenever the pressure switch senses low system pressure. This is useful when parking the vehicle away from the 110-volt input power. For those operators who wish to limit compressor operation to the times when the shoreline is connected to the vehicle, the Selector Switch should be placed in the “A.C.” position. This will operate the compressor when the A.C. power is available but shuts off the compressor when the shoreline is removed. 
This charger has three remote indicator options. Option 1, is the standard, 10 Element, Single Bar Graph Display. This indicator will come with the charger unless otherwise specified. Option 2, is the Auto Charge Deluxe Status Indicator. This indicator has a digital voltage and ampere display, a 5 segment bar graph display to indicate the output current, and 4 LED’s to show the condition of the batteries. Order 091-9-1200-194 for this option. Or Option 3, is the Watertight Auto Charge Deluxe Status Center. This is the same indicator as Option 2, only the indicator is housed in a watertight bezel. The bezel is available in 6 different colors, Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Gray, and Black. Specify color choice when ordering. Order 091-9-1200-194-WT for this option. 
The 12 Volt Auto Pump is a small air compressor designed to mount on vehicles with air brakes to maintain the air pressure in the air brake system while the vehicle is not in use. A pressure switch senses when the system pressure drops and starts the compressor which then runs until pressure is restored. All ball-bearing construction, lubricated for life, assures reliable operation and requires no servicing.
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