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Silicone Sealant for Installing on RV Roof

Silicone Sealant is a TOP priority when installing solar on your RV roof.

Dicor Sealant for RV roofDicor Sealant for RV roof There are a lot of factors in installing your solar kit on your roof. Here are a few details about purchasing, installing and protecting your solar kit and RV, travel trailer, camper and cabin’s roof. When installing your solar panel on your RV’s roof, you should pick up a high quality silicone to seal up any holes you drill for your RV’s solar panel. We need to be very specific about this. The worst thing for your RV is water damage, and that’s the main factor when installing a solar panel on your RV, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel Camper or Cabin. We will get you high quality parts for your roof to sustain driving down the road and years of wear and tear. Silicone sealant is not included in RV Solar Kits because people like to buy their own based on color, brand name and type. Ask us about what kind of Sealant we carry in stock. Silicone Sealant needs to be rated for direct sunlight. Don’t buy silicone based on price but on reputation and quality. Remember your RV roof loves you!

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Here is a selection od RV Roof Sealants:

### What is the right sealant for your solar intall? ** Always read installation instructions before installing your solar panels on your RV** Several factors go into choosing the right sealant when installing solar panels on your RV roof. - What kind of RV roof do you have? - How are you installing the panel to the RV? Screwing it dropdown - What color do you want the sealant? - How much sealant do you need? More than you think. Some intalls also recoommend buytl tape for placing in the holes. We have found more narrow pieces of buytl tape easier to workj with, but your mileage may vary.