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RV Solar Kits and Inverter Power Systems

Having solar panels charging your batteries in your RV is now mainstream and growing

When we first started selling and using panels to charge batteries on our RV’s back in the early 2000’s, our use was an oddity. This oddity has become mainstream. More and more users are attracted to the freedom found by having off grid power at their fingertips. This has been powered by the following market and social forces:

  • Mobile first workforce
  • Mobile internet
  • Lithium RV Battery banks
  • More efficent solar modules and panels
  • Inrcreased awareness in ability to go off-grid
  • More efficent LED lighting
  • Decreasing prices for the solar gear
  • Better pure sine inverter systems

Installing solar on a Four Winds Class C RV

Plug into Freedom: Simplifying the Installation of an RV Solar Kit

Four Winds Class C by Thor was the basis for this solar intall

We’ve completed the installation of two solar panels on a Class C Four Winds RV in about a day. The rv solar panel install was about 3 hours of the installation time. There were other components we added as well. With the solar upgrade, the RV will now have a reliable and sustainable source of energy that will allow running various electrical appliances and devices without relying on shore power or a generator.

Two solar panels ready to add to the RV’s roof

Pre Wired RV solar in this Thor, made this installation super easy!

The pre-wiring of this particular Thor RV made the process a lot easier, but we still had to carefully choose the right size and type of solar panels and accessories that fit your needs and the specifications of the RV.

A cable entry plate was used for this RV prewired solar install

The cable entry plate was used, which made solar panel system wiring easier. We added a little extra caulk to help this cable entry plate deal with some pulled-away sealant. This cable entry plate was added at the factory for those not familiar with this RV solar program. This unit had a preinstalled controller made to support one panel. This made finding the prewired solar wires much easier.

Preparing the RV’s roof for sealing and mounting the panels

We prepared the surface and carefully worked on laying out the panels. This RV had an area where plywood was used under the roof to support more robust solar panel mounting. We followed the recommendations from the manufacturer of the RV. We also used extra brackets for a more rigid installation, as the owner was concerned about the wind on the road.

Adding the solar panel brackets to the panels

The mounting of the panels on the roof was a critical step, and we made sure they were securely fastened. We used traditional mounting brackets and sealed the installation using the owners’ sealant.

The back of the solar panel

We also had to upgrade the controller to ensure it could handle the increased capacity of the two panels. The original controller was only ten amps, but we replaced it with a 30 amp PWM controller from Go Power!

Upgrading 10 amp controller to 30 amp controller

Since it was a prewired solar installation, we connected the panels with a matching branch connector set and then used a set of 3-foot MC-4 extension cables to connect to the branch connectors to the cable entry plate.

TIP: The rv solar panel boxes are great for laying out the panels on the roof. They are also great for covering rv solar panels when working with their connections. This shading will reduce their power output. Be sure to cover all panels completely.

Using the boxes from the solar panels to layout and cover the panels duting installation

With the successful completion of this installation, the owner can now enjoy the benefits of renewable energy on their next adventure. The RV now has the independence and comfort of running many electronics wherever and whenever they want. All while reducing their camping’s carbon footprint. Congratulations on this upgrade!

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Embrace the Freedom of the Open Road

posted CoastalRVCrew 08/2023

In an era where flexibility and freedom are paramount, RVs redefine how we think about work and play. It's more than just exploration; it's about self-reliance and limitless possibilities.

🚍 The Modern Nomadic Lifestyle

Traveling by RV offers unparalleled freedom. Not only can you visit breathtaking locales at your own pace, but you can also live and work in them. Set up by a mountain, beside a tranquil lake, or amid a forest, the world becomes your office.

🌞 Power Your Independence with Solar

Going off-grid doesn't mean disconnecting. With RV solar panels, you harness the sun's energy, ensuring that your devices and essentials stay powered up no matter where you're parked. Be it for work or recreation, you can trust that the sun has covered you with powerful energy-filled rays.

⚡ Seamless Connectivity with Inverters and Starlink

Transform solar energy into usable electricity using inverters, powering everything from your laptop to your coffee maker. And with Starlink's satellite connectivity, you're always online, ensuring you stay connected to the world, no matter how far you venture out.

🏞️ Explore America's Wonders

  • National Parks: These iconic destinations, from Yellowstone to Yosemite, offer majestic landscapes and a unique opportunity to work amidst nature's wonders.
  • State Parks: Often less crowded than their national counterparts, state parks like Custer State Park or Valley of Fire provide tranquil settings to explore and catch up on work.
  • Roadside Attractions: Places like the World's Largest Ball of Twine or Cadillac Ranch aren't just fun pit stops; they're quirky spots to take a work break and perhaps inspire creative thinking.
  • Events and Meetings: Whether it's a music festival in the heartland or a business conference in a bustling city, your RV becomes your mobile base, letting you network and enjoy while ensuring you're always ready for the next business call.

Your Next Adventure Awaits!

Reimagine what your daily life can be. With the horizon as your backdrop and the world as your office, the open road invites you. Embrace the self-reliant RV lifestyle and redefine your boundaries.

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Today we find ourselves with a wealth of opportunities for connectivity on the road. Ask yourself, if you could wake up and work anywhere, where would you want your view to overlook.

Outside Supply for years has worked on selling and delivering on solar and inverter kits for RVers. Over the last few years we have transitioned away from just being an ecommerce store and to a knowledge base for finding relevant products and information for our customers. We continue to review and inspect the latest gear from top brands like Go Power and Engel.

Need to calculate how many watts your device uses?

Use this tool to calculatee wattage for a device:

Simple wattage calculator for devices in your RV

To calculate the wattage of an item it is important to know both the amps and the volts that the item uses. This simple calculator will give you an easy conversion to watts.

It is based on volts X amps = watts.

Volts: Amps:

Wattage: {wattage}

New information coming on lithium batteries for your RV and actual run time examples with 5000 BTU window unit air conditioner in a Van RV.

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