Off grid camping fun!

Getting outside and seeing the world doesn't mean you can't have your Coffee Maker, TV and computer with you.

There are so many ways that an off grid power system can help you enjoy our state and national parks. Rainy days are the perfect time for RV movie night and dark clear nights are perfect for getting out under the stars with some hot cocoa. No matter where you are, there are ways to use your power system to accentuate your experience. Use the power of the sun to charge your batteries back up using solar.

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RV Solar Kits And Inverter Power Systems

Discover why so many people are hitting the road and exploring

Three Solar panels installed on top of fifth wheel trailer.
RV Solar Kits

A great selection of kits aiming to get your RV wired for solar and ready charging your batteries. Learn more by visting our RV solar guide.

An inverter charger is shown over a sky blue ground.
Power Inverters

A wide selection of power inverters and inverter chargers dor both commerical and RV applications. Learn more by visiting our power inverter guide

A class C RV with a complete off grid power system installed.
Complete RV Power Systems

A complete RV power system will handle the solar, inverter, charge controller and even optionally the batteries for your RV. Check out our Complete RV Power System guide to learn more.

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Itasca state park in Minnesota
Itasca State Park Minnesota

This state park is located at the head waters of the Mississippi River near Bemidji, Minnesota. In the land of Paul Bunyon the nights are clear and the hot dishes are yummy!

Keep it simple and try not to die while having fun!

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Starting a campfire requires proper stacking of wood.
Truck camper in Cade's Cove during controlled burn.
Truck Camper in Smokey Mountains National Park

Truck campers are a great way to get outside and get remote. Drive all your gear to base camp and use your unloaded truck to sightsee and take roadtrips. Most of the truck campers either use one or two solar panels. Not much room, but their small spaces are really efficent.

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A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.

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Fifth wheel campers that have solar packages

There are so many sizes of fifth wheel campers on the market today, but many of them are now coming only with residential refrigerators. This means that they cannot be run on propane.

Learn how to run residential refigerator on solar

Pikes Place Market in Seattle is a great stop for roadtrips through Washington state.

Adventure is where you find it, any place, every place, except at home in the rocking chair.

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Travel Trailers love our new 380 watt solar kits

Of all the customers that have cheered for the new bigger 190 watt solar panels, it is the customers with smaller travel trailers that have seen an additional 60 watts of power. This increase is compared to panels we sold only a few years ago. It is nice that they are getting more efficent and sending more amps to the battery bank.

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John Young's flight suit at Houston Space Center in Texas.
Fuse your wires

A common error for mobile power is for the customers not to fuse their DC power cables. This can result in fires and other issues. Go Power offeres power inverter install kits that include the fuse and properly sized cables.

See our power inverter install kits

A great campfire really completes any camping trip.
Yellowstone sign at west entrance to park
Limited generator use in National Parks

Most of the National Parks have some policy limiting the use of generators while camping. In fact you often have to be in generator specific areas wo be able to run generators at all. Then you are limited to short run times during approved hours only. This is why most RVers are installing solar power to keep their battery banks charged.

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Airstream Interstate camper van, this is beautiful Class B motorhome.
Airstream campers shining in the sun.
Airstream campers are installing both rigid and flex panels.

For a while we were only selling smaller rigid panels to Airstream trailer owners, but now the new Go Power flex panels may be out selling the traditional panel type. This is because the Airstream has a curved roof that the flex panels to better countour to match.

See the our flex panel offerings

Early morning drive through national park.
Early morning drives in the national parks

Early morning drives in the national parks are always great outdoor experiences. Lots of sounds fill the air and movement of animals abounds. When you are camping off-grid in one of our great national parks, get up early and go for an early morning drive or hike.

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Casita travel trailers in campsite.
Casita adds power inverter

We have had many customers in Casita's add portable solar panels and power inverters. The most common poertable solar kit is the 120 watt and the most popular inverter we sell for the tiny trailers is the 1500 watt industrial sine wave unit.

See the 1500 watt inverter

Casita travel trailers in campsite.
Flexible solar panels for teardrop campers

More and more teardrop campers are mounting flexible panels on the skin of their homemade and factory made teardrop campers. The curved profile of the teardrop is perfect for the flexible panels.

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