Battery Charger FAQ

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Smart Battery Charger by Go Power
Smart Battery Charger

I get a lot of questions on battery chargers. I wanted to do my best to add these in a centralized location for easy review. Remember choosing a battery charger will include type, voltage and output power.

Q: I am looking for a good and economic battery charger. I have a deep cycle bank that I need to keep charged with a generator when the sun is not enough. What do I need?
A: The battery charger you need will have to be able to recover the battery bank in the allotted run time. I would suggest that you try to size the charger for about 10% to 15% of battery capacity. This will allow for good stable charging. Try not to charge the batteries too quickly. A slow steady charge using a smart battery charger can be more effective. 

Q: My battery bank is 24 volt, what kind of battery charger should I look for? 12 or 24 volts?
A: You should look for a 24 volt battery charger. This will allow for easy charging. 

Q: I have a 32 volt battery bank. Can you provide me with 32 volt battery charger?
A: Yes we sell a full line of 32 volt battery chargers and even sell 32 volt power inverters. look in our 32 volt battery charger section for more product details.

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