Five things to take along when going Camping


We have been camping many times where once we arrived we wished we had brought this or that item. There are a few essentials that will make almost any camping experience better. Here is our list of these five things to take camping.


Bringing lighting to you campsite will improve your RV or Tent camping experience. Camps get very dark after sunset. After all, this is why we go to them to relax and get away. As beginning campers, we have made the mistake of not having enough light while cooking dinner or playing games. A lantern or electric LED light is a camping must. Don’t be the guy cutting chicken in the dark!


Fire has been mastered for thousands of years. I actually don’t know how to start a fire with sticks. There are people that can do these things, but they are probably not reading this blog article for advice. For the rest of us, a good firestarter is key. Something that is easy to use and reliable. I like a long handled lighter. This makes it easy to start even the most stubborn of fires. Don’t be the guy staring at wood instead of a fire!


Bringing some kind of rain gear is essential for all types of camping. It is of the utmost importance when primitive camping. Getting wet and cold is miserable and dangerous. Always check the weather before heading out to your adventure. Have a backup plan to cancel the trip in case the weather turns for the worse. Having been in really inclement weather for two days while camping, I can tell you a poncho and a tarp would have been amazing. Don’t be the guy soaking wet without a poncho!


Being able to cut things is imperative when camping. A good sharp knife or at the minimum a sharp pair of scissors will make your life easier and safer at the campsite. A dull knife or improvising with improper utensils can lead to accidents. Don’t be the guy bleeding from trying to cut steak with salad tongs.


Having done quite a bit of camping in my younger years, I would often start my camping pack with a choice frosty beverage. Then I would move on to more important items, or so I thought. After a few hours, I would get hungry only to realize I didn’t bring any food except a few chips. This made me hungry and miserable. In the morning, I would look for a bottle of water only to remember I didn’t pack any. This is a clear rookie mistake. In fact, when I camp now, food and drink are my most primary of packing items. Don’t be the guy sharing a small bag of potato chips with your six buddies.

While this is no end all guide to camping. These items when properly packed will almost always improve your trip. An improved trip will mean more fun. Be the Happy Guy camping with your friends!

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