IC-3000 Inverter Charger Package By Go Power

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Go Power Inverter Charger Package 3000 watt Model
Model: GP-IC-3000-12

Go Power IC-3000 Inverter Package With Remote

Extremely limited stock.


The Go Power ICR-50 remote panel is now included in this package.

The super powerful IC-3000 inverter charger for the RV and Marine mobile power market. Reliable clean power from a simple inverter charger system.

The Go Power! IC-3000 Inverter Charger delivers top features and performance at an economical price. It is a 3-in-1 system that expertly combines an inverter, battery charger and automatic transfer switch into one powerful and lightweight unit. The GP-IC-3000 has a compact footprint that saves space and simplifies installation – there are fewer components and cables to install!

The two 50 amp legs set its performance apart from common 50 amp inverter chargers. The configuration allows users to make full use of a 100 amp shore power service (240V) by passing through up to 12,000 watts of power! It is also compatible with all 30 amp services.

The inverter charger also includes a battery temperature sensor helping extend battery life.

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SKU: GP-IC-3000

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