Portable versus Fixed Solar Kits

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Portable kits versus Fixed Solar kits is a choice that is best made by you, the customer. The choice will most likely depend on the type of camping you do and also the amount of space you have on the RV roof. We have a lot of great new products available from Go Power, the highest RV graded solar panels and kits on the market. We have recently picked up their portable kit line, and it’s been the best decision we’ve ever had.

Portable Solar kit by Go Power

These portable kits give you the opportunity to charge your RVs battery while you’re parked in the shade. You don’t have to be in the hot sun or outside of a heavily wooded area when traveling to charge your battery with the Portable Kit. The Portable Kit’s have built in PWM charge controller’s so you don’t have to wire to one. From there you can clamp on or hard wire to the battery in the RV.

Fixed Solar Kit by Go Power

Now on the other hand a Fixed Solar Kit can charge your battery continuously while in the sun. You install it one time and you don’t have to worry about it even in storms or driving down the road. We can even help you install these kits with up to date information and on call phone support. A fixed solar kit can give you the most for your money with a 5.4 amp 95 Watt solar panel up to a 9.14 amp 160 Watt solar panel. These units are great cause all you need is a solar controller and the MC4 Cables to wire it to your battery bank.

Whether you’re looking for a fixed solar kit or a portable solar kit to pull out and charge your battery bank, Outside Supply can set up your RV, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel Camper or Cabin.

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