190 Watt RV Solar Kits

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Regular RV Version

190 Watt Solar RV Kits

190 watt solar panel RV charging kit is designed for house battery banks on travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class C, Class B and motorhomes and coaches.


1-190 Watt Panels
2 MC4 Cables for wiring 25′
Go Power PWM 30 Bluetooth UL Lithium Compatible Controller

190 Watt Solar Kit for RVs


Prewired RV Version

190 Watt Solar Pre Wired RV Kit

This 190 watt pre wired solar panel kit is designed for travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class C, Class B and motorhomes, and coaches that have the prewired solar connectors on the roof of the RV. This can either be a MC4 pigtail on the roof or a prewired system using an MC-4 cable entry plate.


1-190 Watt Panels
Go Power PWM 30 Bluetooth UL Lithium Compatible Controller
Extension cable set


Build your very own RV solar power kit for your RV.
Choose the right size kit built using Overlander 190 watt RV panels. 

A great RV solar power kit is built using newly upgraded Go Power 190 watts solar panels. These 12-volt panels are high efficiency which makes them better at collecting solar energy. Since they collect more energy they will charge your battery at a higher output per square foot. Each panel is about 27 Inches by 60 Inches in length. However, this measurement is not exact but is great for estimating the footprint and layout required for installing the entire array on your RV roof. Check the specification sheet below for more precise measurements.

Each panel has a junction box located on one side of the rear of the panel. Two MC4 connection cables which are 18 to 24 inches long are used for connection to the RV solar system wiring.

You can build your own kit by having one of Outside Supply’s professionals customize a solar system to suit your specific power usage or you can choose from one of the many pre-built kits.

190 Watt Solar Panel Spec Sheet

RV Solar Kit Installation Manual

We also have a selection of complete power kits built using 190 watt solar panels. These kits add batteries and inverter chargers for more robust systems for powering RVs offgrid using the house battery bank.

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