Super 16 Auto Eject, Model #: 091-182-230-12

  • 16A, heavy-duty pin and sleeve contacts provide 
    reliable connection over years of insertion/eject cycles 
  • 3 pin, 240V configuration
  • IEC 60309 standard European connector provided
  • Smooth sculpted cover, no sharp edges
  • Eject actuation voltage 12V
  • Upon sensing engine start, plug ejects from 
    receptacle and away from vehicle path; eliminating 
    the dangerous severing of the cord
  • Auto Eject energizing is delayed until detector pin senses plug is inserted, eliminating terminal arcing
  • After eject, the magnetized weatherproof cover snaps into position over the inlet
  • Weatherproof back enclosure with watertight cable 
    fittings protect the mechanism from road contamination 
  • 2-year warranty

Input: 12 Vdc
Output Connector Voltage: 230 Vac 
Output Connector Current: 16 Amps                       
Weight: 5 lbs
Warranty: 2 Years

Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout SKU: 091-182-230-12

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