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Go Power RV Solar Kits

Go Power RV Solar Kits Go Power creates a robust collection of solar panel kits designed for off-grid battery charging in RVs. Go Power has grown over the past fifteen years into one of the largest solar brands in the industry. Now expanding into portable power stations like the duracube which is easily charged by portable solar panels. A selection of pre wired solar kits 190 Watt panels are a great RV size and foot print For years we sold the Go power 190 high quality solar panels.

Solar Camping Van

The story of a solar camping van. I meet a lot of nice people who buy my products. Vern Modeland is no exception, and has an interesting story I thought I’d share. An interview with Vern Modeland, the owner of this solar camping van. A retired writer and photographer, Vern is still an active traveler and philosopher. He had this really cool RV Solar Project in front of him. He wants to do quite a bit of dry camping or “boon docking” in his Class B Camper Van RV.

Top Rv Solar Systems for 2020

The Best Solar Kits of 2020 for your RV 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, but I would have never predicted larger RV solar power systems as a result. 2020 has really been quite the year. Boondocking and off-grid camping is all the rage in 2020. With Covid-19 making people want to be more social distance, RVers have kissed the power plugs goodbye in a big way.

RV Solar Kits

RV Power Products Here are a few recommendations for solar kits. These kits contain on the solar, mounting accessories and cables. 190 Watt panels are a great RV size and foot print For years we sold the Go power 190 high quality solar panels. This robust size was powerful yet had a great form factor. Go Power 190 Watt Overlander Kit This Go Power kit is the basic building block of a standard RV solar kit.

Class B Solar Kits

Solar Kits for Class B RVs We love meeting people who have converted their vehicles into all out RV/ Camperstyle fun mobiles. We enjoy setting these units up for solar power battery charging. Even if you don’t have enough roof space, you can get away with a portable kit so easily! These awesome solar kits can charge up to 120 Watts at a time, and can even tie into your existing solar panel on the roof.

Learn More About RV Solar Kits

Learn More About RV Solar Kits RV Solar Kits are designed to provide many of the required components that an end-user would need to have the solar panels installed on their RV roof. These permanent mount solar panel kits should not be confused with the portable solar kits, you can learn more about these in our portable solar guide. These are solar kits for RV use. What Makes RV Solar Kits Work Well?

Solar Kits for Pre Wired RVs

Do you have a prewried RV? There are several programs for pre wired RVs, here are a selection of kits made to make adding solar easy. Want to connect to the cable entry plate on the roof of your RV? This cable entry plate is the best way to make permanent solar panel connections that are out of the way and mostly safe from theft. The CEP-25 has MC-4 connector attachments that allow for quick connecting solar wires to the panels.

Go Power Solar Elite 380 Watt Mobile Solar Power System

Go Power! Solar Elite 380 Watt Power System The Solar Elite System is a complete mobile solar power system package ideal for full-time RVers. It features a powerful 380 watt solar charging system, a pure sine wave 2000-watt inverter charger that provides clean reliable power and battery charging when shore power is available. The mobile solar power system is the latest and greatest for dry camping freedom without a generator. It has everything you need to make your RV ready for the road.

Go Power Weekender Kit

Go Power Weekender ISW Kit The Go Power Weekender Solar System is a complete off-grid power system for RVs. Go Power launched the Weekender ISW System as its first complete RV power kit. This kit combines their largest single panel kit with a very popular pure sine wave inverter and a transfer switch. This complete RV power package has been a top seller for years. This 190 watt solar kit is the most affordable in the Go Power line.

Go Power Solar Extreme 570 Watt System

Solar Extreme 570 Watt Solar System by Go Power! The 570 watt solar system (Solar Extreme) is Go Power’s largest solar and inverter system on the market. It features three of 190 watt solar panels, providing a massive 570 watt solar system (26.4 amps). This kit is backed by the warranty of Go Power! and will serve you for years. This system also includes the largest pure sine wave inverter-charger, allowing users the benefits of seamless 3000 watts of AC power.

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Thor Prepped for Solar
Thor Prepped for Solar

Some Thor campers come prewired for solar A lot of the new Thor motorhomes, Class Cs and travel trailers are now coming prepped for solar. This means that the wires for the solar are already installed in the rig and have a Cable Entry Plate on the roof ready for the panels to be plugged in. Adding the right amount of solar, power inverter and batteries to your RV is the most environmentally friendly way to go boondocking.

Go Power Overlander 190 Watt Solar Kit
Go Power Overlander 190 Watt Solar Kit

Go Power Overlander 190 Watt Solar Kit Let yourself enjoy the peace and quiet of the campsite you have chosen. Using this reliable solar panel to charge your RV batteries will reduce or eliminate generator runs. This new upgraded 190 watt RV panel is in the same form factor as our 170 panel. An increase in 20 watts of solar production. The Overlander 190 has become the most popular base kit we carry.