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Fifth Wheel Camper Portable Solar Kit

Portable kits are easy to deploy solar panels for your Fifth Wheel Camper A lot of people have been asking about these portable solar kits for their fifth wheel campers. Recently our customers have been asking about solutions for their campers, because they have no roof space due to their luggage racks. We at Outside Supply have come to the conclusion that the best choice for these fifth wheel campers that have a luggage rack on the top is a good portable solar kit.

Go Power 130 Watt Portable Solar Kit

Go Power 130 Watt Portable Solar Kit Go Power!’s 130-watt Portable Solar Kit (PSK) folding solar modules offer some of the most versatile and convenient battery charging options for those who don’t want to permanently mount solar to a rooftop or want to supplement a roof top system. The Anderson-style battery charging connectors allow you to quickly interchange the charging accessory to best suit your needs – from maintaining your RV or trailer battery while on the road to trickle charging your car, ATV or boat battery.

130 Watt Go Power Portable Kit Solar Battery Charger GP-PSK-130

The 120 watt portable is now 130 watts of charging power from the sun The part number is GP-PSK-130 The rugged durability of our Go Power 130 watt portable kit guarantees you will generate solar power everywhere you go. Our Portable Solar Kits allow you to park in the shade while your kit sits in the sun to charge your batteries. 130 Watt Portable Solar Kit is a great solar battery charger These have a built-in PWM solar controller that prevents your batteries from overcharging.

130 Watt Portable Solar Panel With 30 Foot Extension Cable

The 130W Portable Solar Kit with 30 Foot Extension Cable can quicky connect to your RV when in a shady spot New upgraded higher output solar panel UPDATE* This is the new 130 watt portable solar kit as the 120 watt Portable Solar Panel has been upgraded to a larger output. The rugged durability of our solar panels guarantees you will generate solar power everywhere you go and with its portable setup features you will be charging in no time.

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Solar Panel Dimensions
Solar Panel Dimensions

As of July 27, 2020 these are the specifications for the majority of the solar panels we carry in our RV solar kits. These panels vary in panel type, output wattage and cell type. Flexible Solar Panels This is the panel found in the Flexible 100 Watt Solar Kit. It a 100 watt flexible Go Power Module. This solar panel is in the 55 Watt Flex Solar Kit. It produces 2.

Go Power 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Go Power 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Go Power 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter has a GFCI outlet A strong performer for larger loads that demand a clean, pure source of AC power, the Go Power! GP-ISW1500 can run appliances, and sensitive electronic equipment like TVs, stereos, computers and more. The GP-ISW1500 is a good choice for powering appliances, electronic equipment like TVs, stereos, computers, or as a source of emergency backup power. This product is included in the WEEKENDER ISW]Charging System.