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Add Solar to 2019 Forest River Salem Fsx 167rb Travel Trailer

Add Solar to 2019 Forest River Salem Fsx 167rb Travel Trailer

Questions?: Do you know where and what I need to add solar panels to this 2019 Forest River 167RB Salem camper?

Type of RV:

2019 Forest River RV Salem FSX 167RB

That is a pretty small travel trailer:

Wow, small trailers are some of my favorites! They are light and efficent. They don’t need as much power, good thing because they have a pretty small roof to install panels.

You will need to see how many panels you can fit on the roof. I would guess it would be only one or two solar panels. The 190’s below are probably going to be your best panel for the size.

Are you looking for where your prewired solar cables are in your RV?

A program designed to help the consumer with solar panel installs has caused them a lot of grief due to hard to find cable locations and wiring diagrams. Here are a few reasons why RVers have had issues with the prewired or Wired for solar program.

  • Sticker is removed at dealer prep
  • Sticker is place in wrong place in RV
  • Proper docmentation on controller and solar wiring not done well
  • The program would be better optimized if a small controller would actually be installed with all the wiring hooked. Small so it is cheap to aquire and is easily replaced with a new controller. Charge controllers are having a lot of changes coming to them as the industry heads to RV-C. This will mean the controller will be stored away and the panel to monitor it could be centralized or unified in your RV. Lets hope the RV-C makes the drop points easier to find and identify. Here are a few articles we have written to help you find the cables meant to run to the charge controller.
  • Tips for Finding Prewired Solar Cables in Your RV
  • My Fifth Wheel Camper Came Prewired With Solar on the Roof and Side Now What
  • My Travel Trailer Is Prewired for Solar Now What
  • Thor Prepped for Solar
  • Visit our Answers section to see how we have helped others find their lost cables.

    Laying out panels for your roof space is important. On smaller campers and even larger RVs with big arrays, space on the roof is finite and proper planning can help you choose what to order. RV Solar layout guide Remember to allow for spacing between panels and avoid shading any panels. It is important to mount the panels securely, so consider how and where you will attach to your RV roof. Many newer RVs have specific areas designed to have solar panels intalled, check your manual for more information.

    After you max out the roof, you can then look at adding more power with a portable solar kit.

    For Forest River Salem FSX owners, the compact roof size can sometimes pose a limitation for fixed solar installations. Given this constraint, portable solar panels become an excellent alternative. They offer the flexibility to harness sunlight efficiently, allowing owners to position them for optimal exposure. Such adaptability ensures uninterrupted power, making off-grid adventures more feasible and enjoyable.

    Prepping your Forest River Salem for the RV season involves a thorough approach. Start with a deep clean, both inside and out, ensuring every nook is spotless. Invest in essential accessories like RV covers, organizers, and comfortable bedding. Consider new mats, awnings, or outdoor furniture for enhanced comfort. Finally, as the season ends, remember to winterize: drain water systems, seal openings, and check antifreeze levels to protect against colder temperatures. Proper care and accessorizing ensure optimal enjoyment and longevity.

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