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5 Tips to Save Power When Off Grid Camping

![being energy efficient while off-grid camping](/5 tips to save power off grid.jpeg)

Off-Grid camping is wildly popular these days. This low-power camping comes with a few challenges, including needing more power for almost anything modern. Try these 5 tips to make the best out of your time camping.

Use LED lights: Using LED lights to illuminate your campsite is a beautiful way to be more energy-efficient. LED string lights can be a very effective way to get lots of light and create a relaxed vibe at your spot. Reducing your carbon footprint is a bonus.

Turn off appliances when not in use: This sounds like a no-brainer, but remember the items that pull small charges. For example, the phone and laptop charger will drain the battery if they stay plugged in. Unplugging all items not being used will expand your battery life.

Use a power strip: This is a product of convenience. Plugging in all the electronic devices and appliances into a power strip will make it easy to turn everything off at once when you are not using them. This way, you remember to turn off everything. Your batteries will thank you.

Use a portable solar panel: Solar is a great way to use the earth’s renewable source to power your campsite. They are easy to transport and quick to set up. All you need is a clearing for the sun’s rays.

Choose energy-efficient appliances: This is an important tip. If you use any appliances or devices, make sure they are the most energy efficient you can find. This will save on the amount of battery power you use, thus extending your run time. Efficiency is the key to having the most balanced power system.