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How to Organize My RV Kitchen

Let’s Get Your RV Kitchen Organized!

organize your rv kitchen

Simple changes in your RV kitchen can significantly affect its functionality and appeal. Start by having a clean workspace. Find a new home or eliminate most items on your countertop. This is important because RVs move, and you want to avoid finding your stuff all over the floor when you reach your destination.

Utilizing the walls in your RV is a fantastic space saver. There are so many options for this type of organization. You can go with the boho style with macrame hanging baskets or choose the clean lines of a metal basket. Either way, frequently used items can be stored here or used as a fruit and snack basket. Another space-saving tip is to put your spices on a magnetic strip.

Another option for an extensive spice collection is a drawer organizer. This option works wonders to keep them all in line and out of sight. More drawer-organizing tips include placing baskets inside them. Doing so will keep cooking utensils and knives from sliding all over the place and getting jumbled up. As for the upper cabinets, adding racks to hold your plates in place will save your dishes and create extra space. Pro Tip: Adding mounting putty to the bottom of the basket or rack will hold it in place and can be easily removed without damaging the RV.

Under the kitchen sink is like a catch-all place for anything that doesn’t have a home. Everything from kitchen towels to cleaning supplies lives here. Get that tidied up by putting in a two-tier shelving unit. You can also use clear stackable storage boxes that pull out like a drawer. It is also a good idea to put in a waterproof mat to prevent spills from damaging your RV’s cabinet. Remember! Water is not your friend in an RV.

Happy RVing Y’all!