Fifth Wheel RV Solar Battery Charging Kit

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This Kit has been upgraded with new more efficient 190 watt panels. 
It is now at

The new kit has 190 Watt Single panels because the became more efficient for Fifth Wheel use.

The Fifth Wheel Go Power! 160 watt Solar Kit is the largest single 12-volt charging module on the market. With 9.14 amps of power charging capability, this battery charger is great for charging all types of batteries and is an ideal mobile solution for extended RVing or dry-camping.  This kit is included with our complete Solar Elite, Weekender SW and NEW Solar Extreme complete solar and inverter systems.

Fifth Wheel Go Power RV Solar Kit

This RV solar kit is designed and made for installation on an RV. 

This is not residential or commercial grade panels pieced together to make a “RV Solar Kit”

25 Year Warranty

Includes 30 Amp Digital PWM Controller

The PWM controller is great for battery charging and care.

Panel Size in RV Solar Kit  58.3 x 26.5 x 1.4”Maintenance free designed to provide decades of uninterrupted power.

• 25 year solar panel warranty
• Easy to install, flush mountable designed
solar controller
• Expandable (allows for additional solar with
the same controller)

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