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Go Power 30 Amp Transfer Switch

Go Power 30 Amp Transfer Switch

Go Power 30 Amp Transfer Switch

This automatic 30 amp transfer switch is for RV power switching applications. It will automatically transfer power between two different inputs. The system is hardwired into an RV and will make a seamless transition between shore power or inverter power choice based on how it is wired.

go power transwer switch 30 amp

A few ways the transfer switch may be implemented

  • Switch Between Shore Power and Inverter Power
  • Switch Between Generator Power and Inverter Power
  • Switch Between Shore Power and Generator Power

Below is a wiring diagram of how the self-contained automatic Transfer Switch should be installed into your RV or travel trailer’s electrical system.

internal wiring diagram of 30 amp transfer switch with inverter and converter.Wiring Diagram for 30 Amp Automatic transfer switch for power inverter installs. Additional Transfer Switch Wiring Diagram Picture. this uses this transfer switch but may require additional wiring to complete.

Inside wiring of the Go Power 30 Amp Transfer Switch30 Amp transfer switch internal wiring

Some inverter installations integrate the inverter directly into the AC electrical system. An automatic transfer switch is usually installed to allow both your inverter and shore power to alternatively feed the circuits and prevent AC back feed. The Go Power! TS-30 is a 30 amp AC switch that automatically connects shore power (when available) to your breaker panel. When unplugged from power, it then connects your inverter output to power your circuits. More info on changing to inverter charger.

Voltage: 120 VAC
Amps: 30 Amps
Dimensions: 9.65”L x 7.28”W x 4.75”H
Weight: 3 lbs.

How to Use a Wire Meter on an RV

Using a wire meter, or multimeter, on an RV aids in troubleshooting electrical problems:

  1. Safety First: Disconnect the RV from power sources.
  2. Select Mode: Set the multimeter to the desired measurement, often voltage (V) for RV tasks.
  3. Probe Placement: Insert the red probe into the meter’s “VΩ” port and black into “COM”.
  4. Touch Points: For voltage checks, touch the probes to the positive and negative terminals or wires.
  5. Read Value: The display shows the voltage, continuity, or resistance.
  6. Continuity Test: Helps identify broken wires.
  7. Battery Test: Check the RV battery’s voltage to gauge health.

Always refer to the multimeter’s manual and RV’s schematic for specifics.

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