MPPT 40 Controller by Go Power


The MPPT 60 is the replacement product for this model. This item has all the same great qualities that the 40 Amp controller had, but even better.

As solar arrays are getting larger for RV’s, Go Power released a new 40 amp MPPT controller aimed at providing power for the new residential refrigerator only Class A Coaches, fifth wheels and Travel Trailers. Their new controller is the most efficient charge controller on the market designed to charge 12 volt batteries. Most campers and motorhomes use a 12 volt house battery bank system to power items like lights, power inverters, water pumps, fans and refrigerators.


Set Battery Type using Dip Switches on MPPT 40 Solar Controller

We have created a few articles providing details on the proper operation of this new charge controller.

Up Close of MPPT 40 Amp Charge Controller

There is an optional remote panel available for the controller that makes getting reading from the solar array as easy at glancing at the display.

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