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How Many Batteries Does an RV Need to Last All Night

How Many Batteries Does an RV Need to Last All Night

I don’t run much, so how many batteries should I get for my RV?

RV battery bank sizing can be very confusing. Just how many batteries do I need in my RV battery bank to last all night? We, at Outside Supply, get this question asked quite a bit. There is no quick answer. First, you must determine what items in your RV you want to run and for how long. Take a few minutes to go over your priority items. This will ensure you get the most accurate and realistic answers for your RV battery bank.

Here are a few items to consider when looking to get an idea on RV Battery Bank sizing:

  • How many amps are you looking to draw per hour?
  • What devices are you looking to run?
  • What type of battery did you choose for your RV?
  • How many hours do you consider overnight?
  • Will you have a generator or some other type of secondary charger?
  • Will your load decrease during the night?

Consider adding a way to lock your battery box on the tounge of your trailer. This can help protect expensive batteries from theft.

RV parks all night long to go fishing on side of road uses power throughout the night. These questions will determine how large of a battery bank you will need. Depending on the battery type you choose and what items you run will determine how many Amp Hours your battery bank will need to be drained less than 50%. Many batteries should not be drained more than half way unless you like purchasing new batteries all the time.  Also look at making your RV power more efficient by adding LED lights and turning off loads when not in use.

Newer lithium batteries can help extend the life of your battery bank and also provide more reliable power over a longer drain time. Check out the latest specs and prices on lithium batteries.

Extend the life of your battery bank by adding a solar charger to get the battery recharging when the sun comes up.

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