Modified Sine Wave Inverter Will Burned Up Coffee Pots

modified sine wave inverter will burn up your coffee maker

Week after week, Denise fought with different coffee pots burning up in her Semi Truck. It seemed like they all failed in about 1 weeks time. After her cheap modified sine wave inverter burned up one lucky day, she called me to help with replacing it. She explained her frustrations with the broken inverter and other issues in her truck. She had been told by lots of truckers that she didn’t need a true sine power inverter. I explained to her about how almost everything runs better with clean power. Then she told me about her coffee pots that kept burning up. I explained to her that it was most likely a result of a really bad power being fed to the devices. She decided to spend a little extra money on the inverter on my advice than was earlier recommended. After all if she didn’t have to buy a $15.00 to $30.00 coffee pot every week, a Pure Sine Wave Inverter would pay for itself in no time.

After 8 months she called me to add a remote to the power inverter. She explained that I was her hero on mobile power. She had not bought but one new coffee pot since she had purchased the inverter. The one she bought was a nice Mr Coffee to replace a cheap one she had on the other inverter. The cheap one still works and is in backup. Doubt she will need it though.

She figured I saved her about $500 bucks in coffee pots.

Keep on trucking, not too much Coffee though!

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