Power Inverter Applications for Oxygen Concentrator

Power Inverter Applications FAQ

The Go Power ISW 1500 watt for power inverter applications.
GP ISW 1500 watt

I get a lot of questions on uses and power inverter applications. I wanted to do my best to add these power inverter use questions in a centralized location for easy review. Remember choosing a the proper power inverter will include type, inverter input voltage, inverter output voltage and inverter output power (inverter capacity). 

Q: What size power converter do i need for a millennium 10 oxygen concentrator?
A: You will need a TRUE SINE WAVE POWER INVERTER to run your oxygen concentrator. Many oxygen machines need up to 1500 watts of sine wave power depending on your prescription. Oxygen concentrators will not work and may be damaged on modified sine power inverters. Only use True Sine Wave Power Inverters like the GP-SW1500-12.

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