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Rv Lithium Battery Pack

So you are interested in getting a lithium battery pack for your RV

This question could be a little confusing at first, because when you are asking for a lithium battery pack for your RV, it is not clear whether you are trying to have a lithium battery bank installed in your RV to power items like your lighting, dc loads and possibly provide power to your power inverter and outlets. The other option is that you are trying to find and use a small portable lithium battery pack in your RV as an accessory power station.

Since this is the most likely choice, we will discuss that here, but if you are looking for information on adding lithium batteries to your RV please check out our article Are lithium batteries worth the cost

Discussing specifically the little lithium portable power packs that are powered with lithium batteries like the Duracube 500. These powerpacks are amazing and very light compared to there AGM predecessors. When it comes to power sources for car camping, small campers and even travel trailers, these units can’t be beat.

For years my wife and I went camping in our small teardrop camper, where we had to have a large converter, battery bank, and full size inverter to keep things up and running. One of these new small lithium power packs would easily be able to run my standard loads like:

  • CPAP machine
  • Laptop Computer
  • Charge cell phones
  • TV with Satellite dish
  • Video game console

One of these power packs would also be a great extra battery source for being able to charge my RV battery in an emergency. We used to sell an Xpower 1500 back in the day that weighed in at a heavy 70 pounds. The Duracube 500 featured above weighs only 19 pounds at the time this article was written.

Many of these new power packs come with great features like:

  • Lithium Battery
  • True Sine Wave Power Inverter
  • Solar Charge Controller


Advances in these small lithium battery packs for RVs has been pretty incredible. Prices have come down signifcantly and they also include many features that would have been upgrades before. RV lithium battery packs are a great choice for portrable power.

Looking for a way to charge your portable power pack?

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