Solar Panel Dimensions

As of July 27, 2020 these are the specifications for the majority of the solar panels we carry in our RV solar kits. These panels vary in panel type, output wattage and cell type.

Flexible Solar Panels

This is the panel found in the Flexible 100 Watt Solar Kit. It a 100 watt flexible Go Power Module.

This solar panel is in the 55 Watt Flex Solar Kit. It produces 2.88 amps of charging per hour.

This compact panel is in the 35 Watt Flexible Solar Kit. It is a cinch to install.

Rigid Solar Panels

This rigid solar panel is the smaller footprint and can be found in our 100 Watt Solar Panel Kits with expansion panels available.

The 190 watt is the best panel if you have room on your RV roof. It packs the most wattage in this footprint. This panel in most of the solar kits.

Portable Solar Panels

This 90 watt panel folds up nice and compact for a little boost in your battery bank.

The 130 watt is the mid size portable panel that produces 6.7 amps of charging power.

The 200 watt portable is the biggest portable kit in this line of solar panels. It folds for compact storage and has easy quick connectors.

** The portable Panels are not weather proof. It is not advised to leave them out unattended or in bad weather. **

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