Thor Prepped for SOlar

A lot of the new Thor motorhomes, Class Cs and travel trailers are now coming prepped for solar. This means that the wires for the solar are already installed in the rig and have a Cable Entry Plate on the roof ready for the panels to be plugged in. Adding the right amount of solar, power inverter and batteries to your RV is the most environmentally friendly way to go boondocking. Let one of our experienced reps design a balanced system for you.

Thor Prepped for Solar

Prewired kits speed solar panel installation on your rv

Pre-wired solar kits are meant to be installed on RV units that have been prepared to have a solar kit. This means that a solar wire pair should have been installed through the walls and roof using a cable entry plate or MC-4 wire directly. These kits are customized to add the parts you will need and eliminate the parts you do not. We are now selling about 50% of our solar kits for RVs as pre-wired.

Have a question about RV solar power, reach out and we will try to help.

Struggling with what to buy? Need more information or have questions about solar power or inverter systems for your RV, reach out on the form below or call us at (We No Longer Take Phone Calls).

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