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55 Watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit

Flexible Solar Kit : 55 Watts

55 watt flexible solar kit by go power The 55 Watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit is the narrowest panel in the Go Power line-up. This panel is designed to fit in the most awkward of spaces. It’s ability to curve up to 30 degrees allows it to be installed on a boat, Airstream or any unconventional application. It can be affixed to a surface with either screws or glued down. Just remember, if it is being glued down, the surface must be prepped properly to have a secure mount. If the panels will be screws to the surface, don’t forget to seal the holes with a water tight sealant. Water is your RVs enemy! These are the thinnest panels on the market at just 1/8 inch thick (3mm) and are extremely durable. The 55 Watt Flexible Solar Kit will recharge your battery bank at 2.88 amps per hour.

The 55 watt Flex Kit includes:

  • 55 watts / 2.88 amps solar charging kit
  • 10-amp digital PWM Flush-Mounted Solar Controller
  • 25′ of MC4 output cable – RED (#10)
  • 25′ of MC4 output cable – BLACK (#10)

Go Power 55 watt Flex panel sizeGo Power 55 watt Flex panel sizeThe size of the Go Power Flex 55 Watt

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The newest style of solar panels is flexible ones that can confrom somewhat to the shape of the RV roof. These panels range from 20 watts to 110 watts. Many of the flexible panels have inreased in wattage due to their use of more efficent cells in the same panel footprint. Go Power! has a wide range of the panels and the most popular size is the [110 watt flexible solar kit](/go-power-100-watt-flexible-solar-kit-gp-flex-100/). Go Power 110 Watt Flexible Solar Kit Go Power 110 Flexible Expansion panels There are many brands and sizes of these flexibles today. Every year more and more efficent panels with better qualities hit the market. you can also look at thin film flexible solar panels as well. These panels are more flexible but typically have a lower power density.