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Trying to Find Prewired Solar Wiring in Jayco 161 Octane Toy Hauler

Can’t find charge controller prewire location in Jayco 161 Octane Toy Hauler

Trying to find were to cutout for the charge controler for a Jayco 161 octane toy hauler. We found the sticker in the paper work with the camper. I know it is on the kitchen wall . I just don’t know the height and the distance from the door to the bathroom. Any help would be appreciated.

Type of RV: Jayco 161 octane toy hauler.

All too common when trying to find the prewire solar cables

Dealers or previous owners often will remove these stickers, even when they are best left they are placed. It has been one of the biggest challenges of the prewired solar program. In fact, it would great if they just always installed a charge controller to keep this from happening.

I searched through some videos to see if I could find a picture of where the sticker might have been for your model. There was no year attached to the question.

Wired For Solar Sticker at 6:37 in this video

Hope this helps, in case you need to find panels to install here are some 190 watts:

190 Watt panels are a great RV size and foot print

For years we sold the Go power 190 high quality solar panels. This robust size was powerful yet had a great form factor.
190 Watt Go Power Solar Panel
Go Power 190 Watt Overlander Kit

This Go Power kit is the basic building block of a standard RV solar kit. It comes with the solar panel controller, brackets and solar cable.

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With Go Power panels you know you will get what you pay for. They are a little more exspensive and the quality is there to support the price.

Maybe save a few dollars with another RV solar panel brand.

190 Watt Solar Panel
190 Watt Solar Panel

This is a 190 watt bare solar panel. It claims to be RV friendly and has a pretty good price.

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There are always different panels that you can choose to build your solar array from. Always consider price versus quality. Solar panels are things you really don't want to have to replace. It is a pain, so choose what works for your RV or off-grid array.

Don’t forget sealant for maintaing your RV and installing solar panels.

### What is the right sealant for your solar intall? ** Always read installation instructions before installing your solar panels on your RV** Several factors go into choosing the right sealant when installing solar panels on your RV roof. - What kind of RV roof do you have? - How are you installing the panel to the RV? Screwing it dropdown - What color do you want the sealant? - How much sealant do you need? More than you think. Some intalls also recoommend buytl tape for placing in the holes. We have found more narrow pieces of buytl tape easier to workj with, but your mileage may vary.

Also you might look at upgrading to lithium batteries when it is time to replace your battery bank.

Lithium batteries have come down a lot in price over the last 10 years. When we first started selling these batteries, they were hard to come by and a 100 Ah battery would cost over $5000. Today they are much lower cost and the power denisty is getting greater.