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Pellet Stove Power Inverter

Is it possible to use an inverter to back up the power side of my Pellet Stove

There are so many types of power inverters on the market. Which power inverter setup is right for backing up my pellet stove?

Fusing pellet stove inverter in outdoor vented shed.

Pellet stoves are just as varied as power inverters in style, requirements, and design. However there is one group of inverters that always (99.5% of the time work to back up Pellet Stoves) True sine wave power inverters in the 1000 + watt range will almost always run your pellet stove as an emergency backup. Most pellet stoves pull between 400-800 watts of power for the fan. New controller and motor designs require the use of cleaner power, so true sine wave is often required. 

SEC America builds an inverter system for pellet stoves. This company creates a lot of very unique offerings for battery backup.

Pellet Stove Inverter Backup from SEC America

Pellet stoves are heaters that use wood pellets as fuel. They also have controllers and fans that run off 120 volt ac power. Some people choose to create a backup system for their pellet stoves during power outages. Companies like United States Stove Co. make a wide selection of the heaters for a variety of install applications. Their units are broken down by square footage of heating and hopper size for pellets. A 40-pound pellet hopper can last over 40 hours for heating an 1800 square foot home. This can be very useful during cold times of the year.

Here are a few power inverters that would work.  

3 top power inverters from Go Power may be right for you too!

Go Power! makes high quality Sine Inverter Chargers and regular sine wave models as well. Som,etimes all you need is the inverter, please check out the wattage for the right size for you.
3000 Watt Go Power Inverter
3000 Watt Go Power Sine Inverter

This Go Power Sine Wave power inverter is ready to power most of your 30 amp loads. It is ready to turn 12 volt DC into 120 VAC. Hard Wire Only.

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2000 Watt Go Power Sine Inverter
2000 Watt Go Power Sine Inverter

2000 Watt sine wave power inverter with a GFCI outlet on the front made by Go Power!

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2000 Watt Go Power Sine Inverter
1500 Watt Go Power Inverter

1500 Watts of clean pur power that has a GFCI and a great manufacturer, Go Power!

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