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Power Inverter Input Voltages

Power Inverter Input Voltage

We carry two main input voltages for power inverters. The main two input voltages for inverters we carry are:

12 Volt Power Inverters

24 Volt Power Inverters

What is a power inverter’s input voltage?

Input voltage on a power inverter is the voltage that is required for the inverter to operate. While there are no 100% correct answers when determining what voltage you need, there are a few easy steps to follow when determining which input voltage you need.

  1. For vehicle applications: Read the manual or use a voltmeter to determine the vehicle’s voltage. Most cars in the United States are 12 volt based. When getting power inverters for tractors or trucks, determine how the inverter will be connected, the use an electrical meter to read the voltage of the circuit.

  2. If Ever in DOUBT about the Input voltage needed for your Power Inverter, ask an expert. Check with a local installer, mechanic or electrician. They can get you on the right track.

  3. If it is a military vehicle, Double Check the voltage, many military vehicles use 24-volt power inverters.

  4. If it is a new off-grid application, the voltage may be up to you. 12-volt power inverters usually cost less, so weigh that into your system design.

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