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Rv Solar Kits and Panels

Rv Solar Kits and Panels

Ready to make an off-grid array for your RV?

Self reliance is a great feeling. Knowing that your RV can handle multiple days off-grid is a one way to get out there and enjoy nature.

A big part of this off-grid setup is a desire for efficency and an ability to produce the amount of power required for daily operation.

This can be done with the following main choices for your RV:

  • Solar panel array
  • Generator
  • Wind Generator

The RV Solar kits are just made of solar panels, hardware, charge controller, batteries and wiring. When the sun is out, the panels will take the light from the sun and use it to charge your batteries.

Never before has there been such a large selection of the kits on the market.

Growing demand for the following off-grid items has caused the solar arrays to grow in wattage:

  • Residential Refridgerators
  • Residential Washing Machines
  • Larger computer remote work setups
  • Increase RV size

The kit you look for should match your RV size and type:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C
  • Fifth Wheel
  • Travel Trailer
  • Teardrop
  • Van
  • Truck Camper
  • Popup Campers

Each of these types has a certain amount of power needed and roof space available to install.

Check out our RV solar layout guide for more information on what might be right for you.

This is a great entry levelf Go Power's Inverter Charger Kit. They offer the Elite and Extreme kits. These have different amounts of solar and also different size Inverter units.

The Go Power! Elite Solar Kit - IC-2000 - 380 Watts of solar

We have found these kits contain much of what you need for getting going with off-grid solar and inverter power. We have also added lithium battery and sealant as well

The answer to your off-grid refrigerator might just be the Go Power AE-6 kit

Refrigerators in Class A, Class B and Fifth Wheels have gone to residential types. These residentials types will not runn off of your battery bank alone. You need an inverter, a large battery abnk and solar panels to operate seamlessly. A generator on board is always a good choice as well.

Go Power AE-6 Solar Kit

Designed for refrigerators and larger loads

More power from the sun for faster recharge times

Just add a battery bank of 500 to 1000 amp hours, and this kit will usually support your fridge off-grid. There will always be low light weeks where a short generator run or plugin will kepp you going. The AE-6 has the power to keep it charging and running. The six in the name is for 6 solar panels.

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