RV Solar Panel Kits

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The regular kits are designed for RVers that do not have a pre-wired RV. These units range in power and number of panels. Different wattage panels will have different physical sizes.

The kit parts that are used to add solar to an RV.

Our RV Solar Guide is available for your use in planning and calculating your Solar battery charging system. Remember that operating on an off-grid charging system is a lot like balancing a checkbook: the more you put into your account, the more you can use it. The more amps from your panels will mean more solar energy and faster recharge times for your batteries. A proper charge controller or regulator will allow you to charge deep cycle marine, gel, and AGM batteries. This controller will also keep from overcharging your batteries. We hope to have provided you with our top selection of kits to get you producing electricity as quickly as possible. Visit our informational page so you can also learn about the parts and functions of the solar kits for your RV.  Many of the kits we carry are from Go Power which we consider tops in the RV and Marine off grid charging space. 

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If you have questions and need information on a solar system for your RV. Give us a call at (We No Longer Take Phone Calls) or fill out the form below and you will be contacted by one of our staff ready to build a system to meet your needs.

Join us for upcoming webinar on designing the perfect off grid RV solar power system.

More Information on Panels from our RV solar guide

A selection of articles that may be helpful when building and installing a solar system in your solar ready RV.

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