RV Solar panel mounts matter!

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RV solar panels are subjected to much more wind and other forces than a panel installed on a cabin or home. This is because RV solar panels are normally installed on the roofs of Recreation Vehicles, trailers, campers, Class B, Class and motorhomes. These panels may have to resist gusts and wind speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. When we drive our vehicle down the interstate at 75 MPH into a head wind, you can imagine how the force is quickly increasing on the panel and its mounting system.

Make sure your RV solar panels are properly mounted using RV solar mounting hardware. This is important because and improperly installed panel can have numerous problems including roof leaks. Make sure your panel is properly installed. Check out our RV solar Guide for more information on choosing the right RV solar kit for your needs. We like the Go Power RV solar kits because they are designed to be installed on RV applications.

This is important when you consider the winds and weather your solar panels will have to endure. You really want to make the right choice. Go Power has a great mounting technique that includes brackets, standoffs, and really nice instructions for proper installation. 

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