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Slim 100 Watt Full RV Solar Kit

New GP-SLIM-100 RV Solar Kit Go Power! Expansion kits feature Solar Branch Connectors (multi-contact) for parallel wiring between our solar kits. This interlocking system allows for simple installation that is reliable and safe. Narrow design allows for more installation areas than before. Less than 14 inches wide opens up a lot of areas next to equipment that once blocked traditional panels.

A SLIM 100 W Solar Kit with a PWM-30 Amp Bluetooth® Solar Controller is ideal for RVs or boats with limited roof space. Power your lights, fans, and other DC appliances using power generated from the sun. Perfect for maintaining your battery charge on overnight adventures off the grid.

Slim panels may just allow your solar system some growing room

All new Go Power Slim 100 RV Solar Kit

GP-SLIM-100 RV Solar Kit

  • Slim, space saving design ideal for vans, marine and anywhere space is limited
  • Designed to be used around AC units
  • Maintenance free and designed to provide decades of uninterrupted power
  • 25-year limited solar panel output power warranty
  • Easy to install, flush mounted 30 amp digital solar controller
  • Expandable. Allows for 600 watts of solar with the same controller

Slim 100 Solar Panel Spec Sheet

RV Solar Power Kits Manual

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The slim models may be what you need to increase your off-grid solar output. As the slim panels hit the market. You will find more and more offerings for them.