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100 Watt Solar Kit With Bluetooth Controller

100 Watt Solar Kit With Bluetooth Controller

100 Watt Solar Kits for RVs that have smaller footprints

100 Watt Solar Prewired RV Kit

This 100-watt panel kit is designed for smaller travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class C, Class B, and motorhomes that have the prewired solar connectors on the roof of the RV. This can either be an MC4 pigtail on the roof or a prewired system using an MC-4 cable entry plate.


100 Watt Panel
Go Power PWM 30 Bluetooth UL Lithium Compatible Controller
Extension cable set

100 watt solar kit with bluetooth controller The 100 watt solar kit (Retreat) is our most efficient solar charging kit available and is ideal for rooftops where space is limited. The Go Power! Retreat Solar Kit features 100 watts and 5.43 amps of charge power. For extended or full-time traveling, see our Overlander Solar Kit or an AC power system like the Solar Elite.

Included in Kit:

  • 100-watt solar panel (GP-PV-100M)
  • 30-amp dual-bank, Bluetooth® PWM Solar Controller
  • 25′ of MC4 output cable – RED (#10)
  • 25′ of MC4 output cable – BLACK (#10)
  • Mounting hardware (1 x GP-MH-4-KB)

If you have the GP-PWM-30-UL controller WITHOUT Bluetooth, please check the User Manual and Spec Sheet.

190 Watt panels are a great RV size and foot print

For years we sold the Go power 190 high quality solar panels. This robust size was powerful yet had a great form factor.
190 Watt Go Power Solar Panel
Go Power 190 Watt Overlander Kit

This Go Power kit is the basic building block of a standard RV solar kit. It comes with the solar panel controller, brackets and solar cable.

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With Go Power panels you know you will get what you pay for. They are a little more exspensive and the quality is there to support the price.

Maybe save a few dollars with another RV solar panel brand.

190 Watt Solar Panel
190 Watt Solar Panel

This is a 190 watt bare solar panel. It claims to be RV friendly and has a pretty good price.

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There are always different panels that you can choose to build your solar array from. Always consider price versus quality. Solar panels are things you really don't want to have to replace. It is a pain, so choose what works for your RV or off-grid array.

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Class B Solar Kits
Class B Solar Kits

Solar Kits for Class B RVs We love meeting people who have converted their vehicles into all out RV/ Camperstyle fun mobiles. We enjoy setting these units up for solar power battery charging. Even if you don’t have enough roof space, you can get away with a portable kit so easily! These awesome solar kits can charge up to 120 Watts at a time, and can even tie into your existing solar panel on the roof.

Prewired Solar Kits
Prewired Solar Kits

This is a great entry levelf Go Power's Inverter Charger Kit. They offer the Elite and Extreme kits. These have different amounts of solar and also different size Inverter units. The Go Power! Elite Solar Kit - IC-2000 - 380 Watts of solar We have found these kits contain much of what you need for getting going with off-grid solar and inverter power. We have also added lithium battery and sealant as well