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200 Watt Flexible Solar Lift Gate Charging Kit

Charge your Lift Gate with a Flexible 200 Watt Solar Panel

200 Watt Flexible Solar charging kit for Truck lift gates using a 20 amp potted controller. This flexible kit uses the latest Go Power Flex panels to create a low profile solution that is rate at 11.36 Amps of solar power charging.

Includes 25 Foot solar cable to connect the panels to the solar controller and then to the battery. Keep your lift gate’s battery charge on the road. This solar fleet kit is expandable by adding the LIFT-GATE-100-SOLAR-EXPANSION

This kit is designed for fleet managers to solve the troublesome issue of dead lift gate batteries on their trucks. It is a 2 panel flexible solution that uses high Quality Go Power Solar Panels in their flexible line.

Lift Gate – A lift gate is a lifting gate on a truck designed to move loads up and down without need of a ramp or lowered dock. Often found in Delivery trucks.

Check out these Felxible Kits

The newest style of solar panels is flexible ones that can confrom somewhat to the shape of the RV roof. These panels range from 20 watts to 110 watts. Many of the flexible panels have inreased in wattage due to their use of more efficent cells in the same panel footprint. Go Power! has a wide range of the panels and the most popular size is the [110 watt flexible solar kit](/go-power-100-watt-flexible-solar-kit-gp-flex-100/). Go Power 110 Watt Flexible Solar Kit Go Power 110 Flexible Expansion panels There are many brands and sizes of these flexibles today. Every year more and more efficent panels with better qualities hit the market. you can also look at thin film flexible solar panels as well. These panels are more flexible but typically have a lower power density.