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Go Power Mppt Pro 60 Charge Controller

Go Power MPPT Pro 60 Charge Controller

All new Charge Controller for larger arrays Model: GP-MPPT-PRO-60

Go Power MPPT Pro 60 Solar Charge Controller from Go PowerNew MPPT 60 Charge Controller from Go Power The all new MPPT PRO 60 regulates charge and prevents the solar panel array from overcharging your house batteries. Using a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging algorithm set with 4 battery charging profiles including lithium, this powerful controller is set for the large arrays on RVs.

  • Go Power has made the most efficient MPPT controller for RVs
  • It is compatible with all battery types, including the new Lithium charging profile
  • This controller will Maximize all available solar power for charging
  • 5-year warranty

This MPPT 60 will be the new workhorse of the Go Power solar line for larger arrays and campers with residential refrigerators.

Optional Accessories

  • It also has a surface-mounted remote display that will show the charge controllers current state
  • You can get a Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Dongle which will work seamlessly with the Go Power! Connect app to provide wireless monitoring of the controller’s parameters and data view (GP-MPPT-PRO-BT-1)
Time to add more panels or look for a more power controller capable of hanadling series and series parallel wiring? Go Power's MPPT controller might be the one for you. [Go Power MPPT 60]( This controller has been the workhorse of many RV solar arrays. For larger arrays it offers great power and fleability. With tons of input and output voltages and even bluetooth connectivity. Take a hard look at this particular controller for your RV.