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Battery Choices and Mobile Solar Arrays

What’s a good Battery and Mobile Solar Array Choice

There are a lot of battery choices on the market. AGM, Gel, Lithium, and Deep Cycle Marine. A few things to note: Deep Cycle Marine are very dependable and require an outdoor setting because of vents from the side of the battery. A lot of people use AGM because of its accessibility, but the Amp Hour of the battery is something you really want to look into. They range from 65 amp/hr to 400 amp/hr and more. A Gel battery is a VRLA battery, which contains mass that’s gel-like and immobile. Unlike a flooded wet-cell lead-acid battery, these batteries do not need to be kept upright.

Now Lithium batteries are very nice because of their life span. They can last for nearly a decade if used for weekend trips. Advanced 36V, 48V, and 72V Lithium batteries can be used for low-speed systems for leisure applications such as electric golf carts or for utility electric vehicles. RVs are starting to utilize these long lifespan batteries. Solar Arrays have revolutionized the RV and Travel Trailer Industry, charging up mobile units where electricity is not accessible. This keeps you on the road longer. Outside Supply has the best RV graded Solar Kits for your Unit’s Mobile Array. We can set up RVs, Travel Trailers, Campers, Fifth Wheels, Boats, and Leisure Applications with Solar Kits and Accessories.

Outside Supply knows how to properly set up a new or used RV or travel trailer for our customers. Our experience in RV Solar Battery Charging goes back for ten years and we are proud to provide technical and customer pre-sales support! Let us know what we can do for you. 

Lithium batteries are quickly becoming the standard for house battery banks in RVs. With near linear charge and discharge rates paired with lower weights and deep discharge cycles, these batteries hold and deliver the power better than other types. They are more expensive, but the warranties can be as long as 10 years.

Lithium batteries have come down a lot in price over the last 10 years. When we first started selling these batteries, they were hard to come by and a 100 Ah battery would cost over $5000. Today they are much lower cost and the power denisty is getting greater.