Go Power Overlander 190 Watt Solar Expansion Kit

Go Power Overlander 190 Watt Solar expansion kit is the add on panels to expand the base Overlander 190 Solar kit. It includes the brackets and branch connectors to connect your new panel to an existing array. Make sure this kit will not make your array larger than your solar controller can handle. It is roughly 9.4 amps per 190 watt panel.


Check out these videos on the Overlander 190 watt solar expansion kit:

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Have you thought about upgrading your battery bank when you add more solar panels?

Lithium batteries are quickly becoming the standard for house battery banks in RVs. With near linear charge and discharge rates paired with lower weights and deep discharge cycles, these batteries hold and deliver the power better than other types. They are more expensive, but the warranties can be as long as 10 years.

We also have a 100 Ah battery in Lithium as well

We also have a 250 Ah Lithium battery. Call for the best pricing based on quantity. (We No Longer Take Phone Calls)

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