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Go Power Overlander 190 Watt Solar Expansion Kit 447 99

Go Power Overlander 190 Watt Solar Expansion Kit

Go Power Overlander 190 Watt Solar expansion kit is the add on panels to expand the base Overlander 190 Solar kit. It includes the brackets and branch connectors to connect your new panel to an existing array. Make sure this kit will not make your array larger than your solar controller can handle. It is roughly 9.4 amps per 190 watt panel.

Need to add solar panels to your RV?

Depending on how large your charge controller is on your mobile solar array, you may be able add additional panels. Important factors to know when trying to add panels to your array: * How many amps can your charge controller handle * How many amps of solar are in your array * How is your array wired (Parallel, Series, Series/Parallel) * How much space do you have on your RV roof for more solar panels Here is a selection of panels to grow a Go Power System

Go Power 190 E Expansion Panel

Go Power Flexible Solar Panel 100 Watt Expansion

Go Power Rigid 100 Watt Solar Panel Expansion Kit

There are other brans on the market, we have found Go Power! to be among the highest quality gear on the market. Their service has been friendly and reliable. However they can be a bit higher priced.