Wired for Solar

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Many trailers, fifth wheels, Class C and Class A and B motor homes come prewired for solar. You may have gotten a Wired For Solar sticker in your RV. That means that your RV has the wires built in ready to be connected to a solar kit or complete solar system. Outside Supply can help you get the parts you need to a Go Power Solar Kit to your vehicle.
Check out our Solar Kits for pre wired RVs at the bottom of this article.

wired for solar image that's posted on RVs
Go Power’s Wired For Solar Program
This picture shows how you install the cable entry plate on the roof near the wired for solar stick.

Prewired for solar RV units may or may not have the charge controller, call (We No Longer Take Phone Calls) to determine if you need a kit with a controller.

Wired For Solar program for RV Pre wire for solar kits.
Sample Sticker from an RV that was Pre Wired for Solar

Need more help?
We, at Outside Supply, understand that RV dealerships may not be able to give you the best most accurate information when it come to pre wired RVs. It is always best to talk to an expert in this area. We encourage you to call us to get a system sized properly for your trailer. We can even do the install if you feel that is out of your wheelhouse. Look forward to hearing from you!

Prewired kits speed solar panel installation on your rv

Pre-wired solar kits are meant to be installed on RV units that have been prepared to have a solar kit. This means that a solar wire pair should have been installed through the walls and roof using a cable entry plate or MC-4 wire directly. These kits are customized to add the parts you will need and eliminate the parts you do not. We are now selling about 50% of our solar kits for RVs as pre-wired.

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