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Proper UV Protected Wire Size for Your Solar Kit

UV protected wire size for your solar kit

Go Power UV Protected Wires

Understanding the importance of UV protected wire for your solar setup is key to optimizing its current draw. The more accurate your wiring harness for your solar panel the more optimized your voltage will be. Go Power’s specially manufactured UV protected wire are made to last through years of continuous solar charging. You can look at a couple factors for gauging your wire. First, how many Amps are you getting out of your solar panels? Secondly, how many Volts are you charging at? With these two factors you’ll be able to calculate how much of a voltage drop you’ll get with a certain wire gauge. Also, how many feet your wire is from panel to controller to battery.  

The biggest thing is making sure the wire is tested and approved before installation. Go Power tests and approves with a warranty all their solar kits with wires and charge controllers included. This is key to being protected when wanting to optimize your amperage on your solar unit as everyone does. Outside Supply is committed to bringing you the best in solar panels, wire gauge and charge controllers for your batteries.

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