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Installing Solar Panels on RV Roof

Three keys to a great rv solar panel installation on the roof Safety is critical - you are dealing with a roof. This installation means higher work areas than most people operate at daily. This height means installers must take special fall prevention steps that are designed to prevent dangers. Hard hats are a good idea for installers and helpers, as tools can fall and injure them. Keep the installation safe.

Compatible 190 Watt Solar Panel for RV

What kind of 190 can I use to be compatible with other major brands A lot of customer look for panels that may be compatible with some of the major RV solar brand panels. This can be for a lot of reasons like: Out of stock Discontinued Pricing Shipping speed I had a customer looking to build an expansion kit without using the main brands panel. They were trying to match a panel with the following specs:

Slim 100 Watt Full RV Solar Kit

New GP-SLIM-100 RV Solar Kit Go Power! Expansion kits feature Solar Branch Connectors (multi-contact) for parallel wiring between our solar kits. This interlocking system allows for simple installation that is reliable and safe. Narrow design allows for more installation areas than before. Less than 14 inches wide opens up a lot of areas next to equipment that once blocked traditional panels. A SLIM 100 W Solar Kit with a PWM-30 Amp Bluetooth® Solar Controller is ideal for RVs or boats with limited roof space.

Slim 100 Watt Solar Expansion Kit

New GP-SLIM-100-E Go Power! Expansion kits feature Solar Branch Connectors (multi-contact) for parallel wiring between our solar kits. This interlocking system allows for simple installation that is reliable and safe. Solar Expansion Kit Features: Rigid, 100 watt, 4.73 amp solar module Panel dimensions: 13.98 x 60.24 x 1.58 in 25-year power output panel warranty Includes 25’ solar output cables and mounting hardware Slim 100 Solar Panel Spec Sheet

Battery Choices and Mobile Solar Arrays

What’s a good Battery and Mobile Solar Array Choice There are a lot of battery choices on the market. AGM, Gel, Lithium, and Deep Cycle Marine. A few things to note: Deep Cycle Marine are very dependable and require an outdoor setting because of vents from the side of the battery. A lot of people use AGM because of its accessibility, but the Amp Hour of the battery is something you really want to look into.

Go Power 100 Watt Flexible Solar Kit GP Flex 100

Flexible Solar Panel Kit by Go Power – 100 WATT The flexible solar panel is designed to provide a powerful charging solution for batteries and conform to almost any surface. Unlike other ‘flexible’ products, these use high-efficiency monocrystalline cells that produce more power per square foot than any other flexible panel on the market. An impermeable lamination coats the entire module, allowing it to contour and flex against curved areas, eliminating any need for custom mounts.

Go Power Mppt Pro 60 Charge Controller

Go Power MPPT Pro 60 Charge Controller All new Charge Controller for larger arrays Model: GP-MPPT-PRO-60 New MPPT 60 Charge Controller from Go Power The all new MPPT PRO 60 regulates charge and prevents the solar panel array from overcharging your house batteries. Using a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging algorithm set with 4 battery charging profiles including lithium, this powerful controller is set for the large arrays on RVs.

Fifth Wheel Camper Portable Solar Kit

Portable kits are easy to deploy solar panels for your Fifth Wheel Camper A lot of people have been asking about these portable solar kits for their fifth wheel campers. Recently our customers have been asking about solutions for their campers, because they have no roof space due to their luggage racks. We at Outside Supply have come to the conclusion that the best choice for these fifth wheel campers that have a luggage rack on the top is a good portable solar kit.

160 Watt Battery Charging Solar Kit W 10 Amp Controller

UPGRADED EFFICIENCY: 190 Watt Battery Charging Solar Kit w/ 10 Amp Controller old version: Kit includes – CTI-160 Solar Panel made for RVs and off-grid Cabins. 10 Amp PWM Charge Controller Controller is 6″ X 5″ X 2″ MH-2 Aluminum Brackets. Electronic Manuals Available. The Solar Module is a high-efficiency monocrystalline solar module that provides outstanding performance and cost-effective solar power for high-end off-grid and mobile applications. This solar module is built to last and features a 25-year limited power output warranty.

200 Watt Flexible Solar Lift Gate Charging Kit

Charge your Lift Gate with a Flexible 200 Watt Solar Panel 200 Watt Flexible Solar charging kit for Truck lift gates using a 20 amp potted controller. This flexible kit uses the latest Go Power Flex panels to create a low profile solution that is rate at 11.36 Amps of solar power charging. Includes 25 Foot solar cable to connect the panels to the solar controller and then to the battery.

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Is it possible to use an inverter to back up the power side of my Pellet Stove There are so many types of power inverters on the market. Which power inverter setup is right for backing up my pellet stove? Pellet stoves are just as varied as power inverters in style, requirements, and design. However there is one group of inverters that always (99.5% of the time work to back up Pellet Stoves) True sine wave power inverters in the 1000 + watt range will almost always run your pellet stove as an emergency backup.

12 Volt LED Cabin Lights
12 Volt LED Cabin Lights

Want to add light to your cabin? 12-volt LED may be the trick A simple round cabin 12 volt light fixture. 12-volt lights in a cabin can be the easiest way to provide lights without needing inverters or other equipment. In an RV, the lights run on 12-volt house batteries. When you flip the light switch, battery power flows to the lights without the need to turn on an inverter.

Replace RV Surge Suppressor
Replace RV Surge Suppressor

Replacing RV surge suppressor in RV power system RV surge suppressors sometimes go out and can cause RV items not to work. Replacing the suppressor will often solve the problem. As times have changed, so have the features in RV surge protectors: Amp rating of surge protector Bluetooth monitoring portable The amp rating is usually written on the old suppressor. Another way to tell what amperage is from the type of plug on the unit.